finding forever...

Sorry no dope line about my dopeness cuz the shit is simply indescribable.

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Big sister’s baby shower was a success. The day has been great.

A shower, a glass of wine and Netflix will make this evening pure perfection. Off #AuntieDuty… until I see Ace tomorrow.


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Spirit lead me where my trust is without border. Let me walk upon the waters where ever you may call me. Take me deeper than my feet can ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior.

I have no clue what the name of this song is but I love it.


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I said good bye with no hesitation. I was never as attached to this or detached from that as I tried to make myself believe.

Said my prayers. He’ll order my steps.

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Yea a lot of people don’t know the face behind all the work when it comes to art… Plus I always write something in the hair so try and look hard for the words in the hair of the people I draw. I’m a normal person that enjoys boondocks and drawing. I had no idea that the pics I was so fearful of posting will get over 1000 notes! ;A; I kinda wanted to cry when I saw that… So I am putting then all together along with my smiling face to show my thanks. RB and comment if you like to.

This girl is seriously talented and pretty too ^_^


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